Twenty Face Rudraksha is a bead which is an extremely rare one. The Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha have twenty lines originating from top to bottom. This Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Brahma, who is the creator of the whole universe. The destiny of the every living being is created and written by Lord Brahma. The power of holi trinity of Gods (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh) and nine planets and eight digpals (Agni, Indra, Varun, Soam, Vishnu, Vrahaspati, Vayu, Kuber) are all converged in this Rudraksha.

Benefits of Twenty Face Rudraksha

Ruling Planet: None
Deity: Lord Janardana
Twenty Face Rudraksha helps wearer in spiritual progress, protects the house from any ill effects of sorcery, ghosts etc.
It cures many diseases like deafness, eye sight problems etc.
The wearer becomes creator of immense power and wealth.
The wearer of Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed with great knowledge, mental peace and better visual power.
The possessor is bestowed with continuous progress in divine faith and spiritual knowledge.
It bestows material enjoyment in the life and liberation after the death of this present body.
It destroys the sins of all and saves people from the miseries of repeated rebirth.
Worshiping it in the house balances and produces vital positive energy in the house preserving the environment of house from ghost, devil and spirits.
By wearing it, the devotee will achieve the fulfillment of all desires.
Wearing this Rudraksha all his/her sins is completely removed, obtains continuous happiness, and achieves all good fortune.
The Twenty Face Rudraksha should be worn on an auspicious day strung in a red thread while chanting Om Namah Shivaya mantra. 2017 | All Rights Reserved.