Three Face Rudraksha is the symbol of Three Deva i.e. (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha). The person who wears this Rudraksha will always get the blessings of three powers and accompanied by three Deva. The wearer of this Rudraksha no longer remains an ordinary man since the three power remains with the wearer always which help him to get success in all of his works. This Rudraksha takes all the miseries and sorrow from the life of the wearer and makes the life full of happiness and comforts.

Benefits of Three Face Rudraksha

Ruling Planet: Mars
Deity: Goddess Saraswati
Three Face Rudraksha bestows the wearer the confidence and the energy to face any situation.
It is excellent for individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, psychosis or guilt induces complexes.
Three Face Rudraksha gives success in sports and is an excellent for those who have real estate as their career.
The malefic effects of Mars are considerably reduced by wearing this bead.
It is widely used in controlling blood pressure, regulation of the menstrual cycle and removal of depression.
This bead is also beneficial for those having the Manglik Dosha in their charts and also for those individuals who are temperamental.
Three Face Rudraksha is beneficial for getting success in court cases and other legal issues and problems.
The Three Face Rudraksha should be worn on an auspicious day strung in a white thread while chanting Klim Namah mantra. 2017 | All Rights Reserved.