Valampuri Shankh is a rare and highly auspicious Shankh. The true Dakshinavarti Shankha has the three or more horizontal lines at the inside center opening. This is considered very auspicious and kept at pooja only and not blown.

Blowing Shankh has a strong association with the Hindu religion. It is said that when it is blown it announces the victory of good over evil. This instrument has limited musical applications. Blowing of Shankhs remove the ill effects of negative energies and it purifies our surroundings and soul.

Shankha is a sacred emblem of the Hindu preserver God Vishnu. It is still used as a trumpet in Hindu ritual. The sound of the Shankha symbolises the sacred Om sound.

Ganesh Shankh is obtained from the sea. The figure of Lord Ganesh remains embossed on it naturally. Ganesh Shankh should be established on Monday in morning after bathing it with raw milk and worshipping it with dhoop-deep (incense and lamp).

Moti Shankh is very rare and it is found in the region where pearl is found. Keeping it in house is considered to be auspicious. It allays ominous effect of the Moon and gives peace of mind. It has the luster of a pearl and is generally round and conical in shape. 2017 | All Rights Reserved.