Eight Face Rudraksha has the power of 8 mountains. The person who wears this Rudraksha become free from the sorrow of all the eight Prahar and get all the happiness. This Rudraksha is highest among the Sumeru. The wearer of this Rudraksha gets success in all of the ventures. If this Rudraksha is used with two mercury balls, it will increase the wit and open new opportunities for wealth and money. It can be worn on either Monday, Amavasya, or Purnima.

Benefits of Eight Face Rudraksha

Ruling Planet: Rahu
Deity: God Ganesh
Eight Face Rudraksha removes the obstacles from the path of its wearer and ensures professional success.
It helps in overcoming the malefic effects of Rahu.
It helps in curing diseases of the mysterious kind, harassment by spirits, trauma causing dreams, skin diseases, stress and anxiety.
This bead leads to occult advancement and development of intuitive faculties.
This Eight Face Rudraksha is excellent for individuals having Sarpa Dosha in their charts.
This bead is also good for astrologers and individuals interested in occult.
Eight Face Rudraksha is a vital instrument in strengthening one's will power and converting even an enemy into a friend.
It is used before a new work/venture to bring good fortune in work and businesses or services.
Diseases of stomach are also prevented by wearing this Rudraksha.
The Eight Face Rudraksha should be worn on an auspicious day strung in a white thread while chanting Om Sah Hum Namah mantra.

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