The eight aspects or representations of Goddess Lakshmi are known as Ashtalakshmi. Ashtalakshmi signifies the eight divine aspects of Mahalakshmi. These eight representations emphasize different forms of wealth. Wealth has many forms other than the obvious one of money. You need different types of wealth and resources to be rich in a real sense. Physical, financial, spiritual and material wealth are all needed to complete life's various needs. Our Ashtalakshmi Business Kit fulfills all the needs of life. It helps to gain wealth, success, prosperity, strength, victory, patience, and knowledge.

Benefits of Ashtalakshmi Business Kit

Deity: 8 Forms of Goddess Mahalakshmi
Ashtalakshmi Business Kit is best suited to those who are doing business, online trading, owners of multiple companies, political leaders, directors, legal consultant, real estate agents, industrialists, households etc.
Praying this kit at home every day brings good luck, wealth, health and success.
It has been reported that keeping our Ashtalakshmi Business Kit in the office or business premises increases sales and profit.
As this kit contains all the divine materials of Goddess Ashtalakshmi, it is believed that the devotee will have all the necessities of life and will live a wonderful life.
Ashtalakshmi Business Kit is also recommended to small shopkeepers, bankrupt people and businesses going on loss.
All the divine materials offered in this kit is energized by the Pandits of Sri Ashtalakshmi Temple. 2017 | All Rights Reserved.