PranavaMantra.com is engaged in the business of supplying and distributing various puja and divine materials to customers and devotees worldwide. Headquartered at Kathmandu, Nepal PranavaMantra.com is involved in selling and exporting Original Nepal Rudraksha, Shaligram, Banalingam, Shankh, Copper Yantra, Panchayatana Puja Stones, Parad, Maha Meru, Dwarka Shila, Gomati Chakra, Spatika, Silver Embedded Mala, Rudraksha Mala and various other puja materials.
Being the largest cultivator of Rudraksha trees, we stock and sell various beads of Rudraksha in its original form. We have the largest collection of Original Nepal Rudraksha Beads ranging from One Face Round to Twenty One Face. We also carry all the rare and unavailable beads.
Our India office sells and distributes all our Rudraksha and other products to customers and devotees globally. We are empowered with pundits, jyotish, vastu experts and experienced professional astrologers who hold versatile knowledge of our domain. With their assistance, we are able to serve our valued customers in a most gratified manner. Their tireless efforts have helped us to expand our business by several folds during last few years.
Developed under the supervision of professional experts, our products enable the individuals to point out the reason behind his/her obstacles and assist them to overcome these problems through spiritual value, Godly devotion, remedial measure and positive results.
Today PranavaMantra.com is a reputed and renowned name in the puja and divine industry due to its quality range of original and authentic spiritual products, team of knowledgeable professionals, best solutions at minimum prices, and customized solutions towards all kinds of problems.
The affairs of our company are efficiently managed by our founder Guruji, Pandit Shiv Shankar Prasad and his disciple Pandit Sagar Kumar who holds versatile knowledge of the divine industry. They hold rich experience in the arena of astrological products, offering remedies to problems, and motivate the team members to work with a customer centric approach.

We follow these four fold-paths to create and sustain our positive and successful image in the divine industry:
Top Quality Genuine and Authentic Divine Products
Energized by Reputed Pandits and Experienced Astrologers
Customized Solutions and Competitive Prices
100% Spiritual Products and Customer Satisfaction.

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